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20 Years of Pushing Polygons!

By on November 18, 2017

Mesh Factory offers a massive collection of professionally created, fully textured, high resolution 3d models for 3ds max, Maya, Lightwave, and many other 3d animation packages. Our 3d Catalog currently includes over 890 unique 3d model subjects that are available individually, through our One-Year VIP Subscription service, or in a three-disc 3d Model DVD-ROM set! Since we opened for business in 1997, our unique 3d products have found their way into military training materials, combat simulation applications, popular magazines, and television programming worldwide. In 2006, Mesh Factory became a registered US defense contractor, solidifying our position as a major provider of military-related 3d content to the defense community. Today, Mesh Factory continues a close working relationship with many of the world’s armed forces. Mesh Factory customers now include many world governments, armed forces, a great number of popular media publishers, and the vast majority of well-known US defense contractors. We […]


SH-60F Ocean Hawk Rework

By on November 17, 2017

George Lucas once said many of his films were never finished. From his perspective as a director/screenwriter, they were developed to the point where he had run out of time alotted and mercilessly abandoned. While I realize I will never possess the vision of George, I think I understand what he was talking about as I explore my own life’s work. Due to the sheer number of projects I’ve taken on over the years, it’s an unavoidable reality that many of my 3d projects are developed to a point where I feel I need to make an executive decision to stop the process and move on to the next subject. If I didn’t accept and act upon that realization, I know the result would be my being stuck on one model subject, super-detailing it to death, and getting absolutely nothing else done for the span of many months. While it […]